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Elections for the National Assembly on 11 July 2021

1 July 2021 г.

The "Civil Registration and Administrative Services" General Directorate at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works provides information on the number of the polling station and the place of voting for elections for the National Assembly on July 11, 2021 for all Bulgarian citizens.

All voters can check the address of their polling station in the following ways:

  • Via Internet at For the municipal administrations, after identification with an electronic signature, the site provides the opportunity to submit applications for voting at the current address and to register certificates for voting elsewhere electronically.
  • Via SMS
    An SMS is sent to the number 18429. The number 18429 is the same for all three mobile operators (A1, Telenor and Vivacom). The price of an SMS is 25 stotinki (BGN cents) without VAT. Only the ten digits of the PIN are written in the text of the SMS. The system returns an SMS with the number and address of the polling station for the entered PIN.
  • By landline or mobile phone
    0800 1 4726 ("0800 1 GRAO") is selected. Tel. 0800 1 4726 is free for the whole country.

Citizens may also submit an electronic application for voting at the current address, if the settlement at their current address is different from the settlement at their permanent address, via the page

Important: Citizens who have applied to vote at the current address may refer to the address of the polling station in the data from the final voter lists for voting after 30.06.2021.